Orgy in the chapel!!!

I decided to pray at an altar,in the town temple and perhaps seek out more info about Martin the Kvatch preist.  I was approached by a priest who informed me he was    “feeling pretty horny today”   and that he was   “ashamed to be looking at such a slut”. Liking the dirty talk I decided to give him the release he was craving. After asking him if he   “wanted to spend some alone time with me”   he replied   “fantastic my cock was about to burst”.  Not caring about the fact we were in the temple he tore off my dress then his robe and picked me up.

He lowered me down on his swollen dick and I cried out in pleasure…I could feel my quim being stretched as he went deeper.

However, My moans did not go unnoticed. While this horny priest was pumping his holy rod in and out of me, I watched as a young gentleman came closer undressing with each step. Soon he was naked his cock long, lean and rock hard. He stroked it and I licked my lips while I stared at it. I wanted so much to suck it, take it all in my mouth.  The priest layed me on the floor and sucked hard on my nipples as I watched the gentleman play with his dick above us.

The gentleman laid down next to me and the priest fiercely jerking his dick, eyes glued to my nipples as the priest pulled and sucked on them.

The priest pulled me on top of him kissing me deeply rubbing his enormous erection between my ass cheeks. I moaned hoping he would shove his cock in my ass so I can take the gentleman in my mouth. My pussy clenched and dripped just thinking about it. Then I realized a third man was now standing over us looking excited. I gasped. “3 guys” I said. “Where would you fit”? I asked the man. “You do have 3 holes” he replied.

“Yes” the priest said suckling my nipples making wet sounds. “There is enough juicy pussy for all”. All 3 men started kept staring and my naked body rubbing, pulling, jerking their cocks. My pussy was throbbing.

Moaning and grunting filled the chapel. The wet sound of my pussy as the priest teased and rubbed my clit. Suddenly the 3rd man cried out. His cum squirted out all over me and the priest.

Our bodies were so sticky. The priest rubbed his dick in between my ass cheeks again this time lubricated with the other mans load. Just when i thought I would explode the priest bent me over and shoved his hard cock in my ass.

I came instantly. My cum dripping out of my pussy as he thrashed my ass, going balls deep.

He finished by shooting his load into my ass and screamed “Rejoice”!

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Interlude at the Tavern…

Upon my travels I met a writer named Quill-Weave. I helped her out with a matter in town and offered to buy her a drink. She accepted and I waited for her at the tavern. Here are some random pics:

Me sitting waitng for Quill-Weave…

A shot of me and Quill-Weaves cunts while dancing together…..

Quill-Weave lowering her luscious ass on the strap on….

Another shot of me….Until next time….

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Quickie on the Docks….

While visiting the Imperial City I ran into a  sailor on the docks.  He had his back to me and was shall we say “draining the lizard”. When he turned around I realized to my delight he had not a lizard, but an anaconda. My cunny went wet at the sight of it. I quickly slipped off my dress. He looked at me…taking in my long blonde hair, perky breasts with round hard niples , gold belly chain, the soft hair curling on my mound…he looked at me then licked his lips. It was all the invitation I needed.

Without a word he quickly stripped of his clothes and I pushed him to the ground and straddled him right there on the docks. I slid my slick quim down his shaft and rode him hard, the way I like it.

Grinding down as far as I could go on him. He groaned out.   “Staron”   he said. “My name is “Staron Hawker”.  “Fuck me doggystyle” was all I replied.  I was not in the mood to talk. I just needed a hot beef injection.

I bent over and he held my arms back for leverage as he slammed into me. The slaps of his thighs hitting my backside echoing across the water.

A few more pumps and we both collapsed. A good afternoon fuck is great for the system!!!



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Priory Pounding

To start off my adventures, I was told to find a monk named Jauffre. I made my way to the priory expecting primness and limp rods, but as soon as Jauffre and I were alone he told me to “disrobe and stand on the bed”. I was shocked of course, but did what he asked. He tossed his monk robes to the floor and began to kiss me.

My quim was already wet and waiting. His cock was hard, rimrod straight, and his hands carressed my firm bottom. He pressed our bodies closer together.

“Get on your hands and knees” he said huskily. “I must fuck you from behind”. I immediately obeyed. “Good girl”  he said as he slid his rock hard prick in my cunny. “Mmmmmm” I moaned

By this time a fellow monk of Jauffre’s sat down by the bed to watch, but I didnt mind This is a sexual adventure is it not?! ” You see Brother”. Jauffre said to his fellow monk, his voice stained.  “Grip the waist tightly. Good leverage…ah but this one is tight”. He grunted and pushed his cock all the way in.  “Stand up and face the wall he ordered”.

He tipped me foward and I braced my hand on the wall as he buried his length in me. He pumped hard and I cried out and creamed all over his cock.  “Yes a good priory pounding you get lass, a good priory pounding you get”!! The last was said with each thrust.  “Harder!”  I moaned.  “Harder”?  he asked.  “Come here you slut”.

He Grabbed under my arms and lifted me, positioning my quim over the head of his cock. Oh yes hes going to impale me I thought. My pussy is so wet I could feel my juices dripping down my inner thighs.  “Should I fuck this slut harder Brother”? Jauffre asked the watching monk. I turned to see the monk still watching. His robes were pulled up to his waist and he was stroking his hard cock. “Yes Brother, fuck her good”. the monk replied.  Then Juafree rammed me down on his cock.

He slid in all the way to his balls because my puss was so slick. “You slut” he said as he pounded into me. I came again, the juices running down my pussy onto his balls. “My turn” He growled as he pushed me back down on the bed and bent me over holding one arm behind my back. He thrusted deep.

I covered my mouth trying to smother the sounds and he thrust hard into me over and over again. We exploded together, even the watching monk, who spayed his seed all over me.


What a great adventure I had at the Priory. I was satisfied and I gained experience. I never knew monks were so freaky. Jauffre recommended I go see Martin in Kvatch for his cock is legend. And so it begins….

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